oosterbierumThe small village of Oosterbierum is located at the end of the old ‘Slachtedijk’, which in almost a thousand years old. Around 400 people live in the village that is centralized around the old church. Nearby the village local farmers cultivate mostly potatoes, beets, grain and carrots. The potatoes are exported all around the world.

The village is located on three historical hillocks, so called ‘terpen’ in Dutch. These man-made hills were thrown up already thousands of years ago to protect the local population for the tide. The hills are made-up from the garbage of the residents during the centuries. What hundreds of years back was garbage is now an attraction for tourists and hobby archaeologists.

oosterbierum1Another historical big attraction is the Slachtedijk, an old and famous dike of Friesland. Every four year around 16.000 people walk the so-called Slachte-marathon. Around 1.400 runners also participate in this local feast day. Along the track participants of the marathon and visitors can enjoy fanfares, choirs and theatre-acts.

The old Sint Joris Church dominates the village since the 12th century. The old church lies on one of the hillocks of the village and lies in the green heart of the village. Here you can find one of the childrens playgrounds and a public garden.

The Sint-Joris Church, a protestant church, is not the only church in the small village. The second church is located on another terp. Where ten years ago people went to the church to make their prayers, today the church is home of a luxury apartment complex called ‘De Kraak van van Dam’.

The apartment gives up to six people a taste of the Frisian countryside. Close to famous historical sightseeing spot in Friesland like the university city Franeker, its Planetarium, the harbour town of Harlingen and the Dutch islands.

The village received a boost when they were given subvention for a ‘green project’ last year. The project, organized by the Provence of Fryslân en Municipality of Franeker, focused on creating more spots of green in small villages. Oosterbierum took the opportunity and planted trees around the village en old farms,  and the construction of a pier in a small pound the village received a fresh and new look.

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  1. Hi all in Oosterbierum involved in the Village Image Project.
    I really enjoyed our visit to Oosterbierum. The best part was the wonderful welcome we got from the wonderful people. We also went on the dike where we saw sheep that we were told, had two legs shorter on one side so they could walk on the dike!!!! Is that called ‘Pulling the wool over the eyes’?!!!

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