Jorwert is a small village in the middle of Friesland, one of the northern districts of The Netherlands. Jorwert is surrounded by meadows which are mainly used for cattle and the area is called the ‘Greidhoeke’ (meadow-country) in the local Frysian language.  Jorwert belongs to the municipality of Littenseradiel, which consists of 29 villages in total, many of them characterized by a hillock in the centre merely hosting an old church. The current stone church of Jorwert was originally built in the twelfth century. The tower collapsed in 1951 during renovation works and was rebuild in 1954. In order to thank all those involved in the restoration of the church tower, an open air theater performance was organised and this event is yearly repeated ever since.

On the other side of the main road through Jorwert, opposite the church there is the local pub. Although we do not know exactly the year in which it was built, but we can roughly estimate that it was built in the seventeenth century. The pub also functions as a community centre during weekdays, in the weekend it is a commercial pub.

In January this year Jorwert reached the number of 331 inhabitants, 169 males and 162 females. When we divide these numbers in age-category we see the following distribution:


Remarkable is these figures is the relatively low number of people in the age between 20-40. This might be a result of the choice of many youngsters to leave Jorwert for study and not returning to raise a family.

Jorwert is a very lively community where many inhabitants participate in different sports-, social or cultural clubs. Most of the work for these clubs is done on a voluntary basis.

Although several  small companies are based in Jorwert, the majority of its inhabitants work in the region.

One thought on “Jorwert

  1. Hi all in Jorwert involved in the Village Image Project.
    I really enjoyed our visit to Jorwert. The best part was the wonderful welcome we got from the wonderful people. We visited the old Church where we saw lovely old Historical Artefacts. We also visited your open air Theater and were very impressed with what a smaller village can achieve.

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